About Us

Our vision is to provide efficient, sustainable and innovative solutions to the field of water resources. At IWR Water Resources Pty (Ltd), our aim is to provide superior professional service to our clients. The cornerstone of our ethos is to share our technical solutions with other institutions that we work with to optimize performance and to enhance research and development in the water sector.

Who We Are


To render professional, qualitative and competitive services and being flexible enough to take cognizance of local conditions in order to make the best use of available resources.


To provide our customers across the range and without exception, only the highest quality services, in the best of times possible, at affordable standard market rate price.

The Team

IWR Water Resources consists of a small team of experienced and highly qualified hydrologists, water resources planners and engineers. The main focus of the company lies in water resources planning and management, which includes water resources modelling and model development. The Company has extensive experience in the water resources models used within Southern Africa, including WRSM2000 and the Water Resources Yield Model, including our own developed modelling tools.

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News & Events

Keep up with all the news and developments with IWR Water Resources meetings, events and programs.

Get together with us online and in person. Our meetings, events and programs for the community are all designed to help you stay current with the trends and developments in the hydrology technology and water resources landscape.


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