Our Services

IWR Water Resources is currently actively involved in research and development, both in-house (self-funded) and through the Water Research Commission as well as Rhodes University.


The core expertise of the company is as follows:

  • Yield analysis of dams and large integrated systems
  • Water resources modeling in support of the determination of ecological water requirements of both rivers and estuaries
  • Ecological Reserve implementation
  • Hydrological analysis
  • Forest hydrology
  • Development of operating rules of dams
  • Development of Water Allocation Plans
  • Agricultural water use and management
  • Catchment management studies
  • Water use license assessments, including trading
  • Flood-line determination
  • Project management and co-ordination
  • Water management institutions development
  • Eco-hydraulics modeling for ecological water requirements
  • Designing of bulk water infrastructures

Research & Development

IWR Water Resources (Pty) Ltd is currently actively involved in research and development, both in-house (self-funded) and through the Water Research Commission as well as Rhodes University. Research topics include inter alia:

  • Uncertainty in hydrological and water resources models
  • Environmental flow requirements of wetlands
  • Implementation of the ecological Reserves
  • The Shared Rivers programme which is analyzing the ecological state of rivers which flow through the Kruger National Park
  • Low-flow river hydraulics in support of ecological Reserve determination:-
    • Current – The Development of a Computer Based Decision Support System for Quantifying the Components of the Ecological Reserve – Hydraulics Sub-model. WRC Project K5/1856

Our Profiled Work

Recent South African projects in which the IWR Water Resources (Pty) Ltd team has been involved include:

  • Design And Implementation Of Emjindini Trust Bulk Pipeline, Storage And Reticulation
  • Appointment Of Professional Consultants To Render Technical Support Services To The Mbombela Local Municipality In Performing Its Water Services Authority Functions
  • Development of Operating Rules for water supply and drought management for Stand-Alone Dams and Schemes :Southern and western clusters
  • Technical Support and Maintenance of Operational Water Resources Planning and Modelling requirements of River Systems managed by the ICMA
  • Inkomati River Catchment: Modelling Support for Licensing Scenarios. Assist with all water resources modelling, validation and verification of water use and license application.
  • The Provison of Provincial Support to the Mpumalanga DWAF Regional Office for the Water Resources Management to fulfil the DWAF’s Water Legislative Functions on a Draw down basis.
  • Water Requirements and Availability Reconciliation Strategy for the Mbombela Municipal Area
  • Hydrology, Water Resources Analysis and Water Use validation study for Nkomati Mine
  • Development of Real-Time Decision Support System for Sabie and Sand rivers focusing on Short-term forecasts and Long-term operating rules of the dams.
  • Development of real-time decision support system for Crocodile East rivers focusing on long term operating rules of the dams.

Recent projects within other SADC countries:

  • Zambezi basin Development
  • Water resources support to the determination of environmental flow requirements of the Kafue river, Zambia
  • Evaluation of Water Use and Irrigation Efficiencies in the Upper Komati, Swaziland
  • Progressive Realisation of the IncMaputo Agreement: Water Resources aspects of the IWRM study (South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique)
  • Yield analysis of the Corumana Dam: Mozambique
  • ZINWA Save and ARA-Centro Information Management Strategy
  • Hydrological review of the development of a high-level hydrological model for Area 2 & 3 of the planned Angola Exploration Mining Resources (Pty) Ltd (AEMR) operations in Angola.
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