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IWR Water Resources consists of a small team of experienced and highly qualified hydrologists, water resources planners and engineers. The main focus of the company lies in water resources planning and management, which includes water resources modelling and model development. The Company has extensive experience in the water resources models used within Southern Africa, including WRSM2000 and the Water Resources Yield Model, including our own developed modelling tools.

Stephen Mallory

BSc(Eng) Civil, Msc(Eng)
Managing Director Pr. Eng

Stephen Mallory is the founding member of IWR Water Resources, He has 25 years experience in the water engineering field, most of which is in the field of water resources planning and modelling. Key projects over the last 10 years include the Internal Strategic Perspectives (ISP) prepared for the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry. Mr Mallory was study leader of the Eastern Region ISP project and authored all four ISP reports in this region. In addition he authored or co-authored a further 4 ISP reports. Mr Mallory’s main input into these studies was his water resources modelling skills which he put to good use to improve the water availability estimates that were published in the National Water Resources Strategy.

On completion of the ISP projects, Mr Mallory’s next major assignment was the Inkomati Water Availability Assessment, completed in 2009. This four year study entailed updating the hydrology and setting up the Water Resources Yield Model for the Inkomati Water Management Area.


On completion of the ISP projects, Mr Mallory’s next major assignment was the Inkomati Water Availability Assessment, completed in 2009. This four year study entailed updating the hydrology and setting up the Water Resources Yield Model for the Inkomati Water Management Area. Mr Mallory was the study leader of the this large project, which involved input from approximately 30 water resources practitioners and several different consulting firms. He was also the specialist responsible over-seeing the setting up of the yield models.

One of Mr Mallory’s key competencies and areas of interest is the development of operating rules for dams. During his involvement in the development of operating rules for the Letaba system he developed new modelling techniques which he has applied and developed further on the Algoa system and the development of a water allocation plan for the Inkomati Water Management Area. He is currently leading the study to develop operating rules for the Amatole System. Mr Mallory has published several papers relating to this topic, several of which have been presented at international conferences.

Another interest of Stephen’s is ecological water requirements. He has been involved in numerous ecological Reserve determination studies in which he carries out scenario analysis to analyse the impact of possible future development on river flow. More recently Mr Mallory has become involved in similar work to determine the fresh water flow requirements for estuaries.

Tendai Sawunyama

Bsc (Hons Agric. Eng), MSc,  PhD

Senior Hydrologist/Water Resources  Engineer Pr. Sci.Nat

Dr Tendai Sawunyama is an Associate of IWR Water Resources Pty Ltd, an engineering consultancy that specialises in water resources modelling, planning and management for various sectors.   He has a BSc in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Zimbabwe, MSc in Water Resources Management from the University of Zimbabwe and a PhD in Hydrology from Rhodes University, South Africa.  He has over 10 years’ experience in water resources modelling, planning and management. 

Proven track record in the application of specialist hydrological and water resources software as applied in standard planning studies. He has undertaken numerous tasks throughout Africa, with focus on hydrological, water availability, water balance for mines, irrigation estates and catchments in the following countries: Angola, Guinea, Lesotho, Madagascar, Swaziland, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. He is a registered Water Resources Specialist with the SA Council for Natural Scientific Professions (Reg. No: 40085/12). He is currently involved in managing design and construction projects for Ehlanzeni District Municipality and provide technical support to DWS, Mbombela Municipality and IUCMA on several water resource and water use studies.





Faeeza Ballim

BSc Hons (hydrology), PG Dip Management
Senior Hydrologist and Project Manager

Ms Ballim is an Associate of IWR Water Resources. Her training is in hydrology, but the majority of her professional career has been spent in the management and co-ordination of the processes relating to implementation of the National Water Act. This includes the establishment of catchment management agencies, the management of catchment management forums, and the transformation of irrigation boards to water user associations. In addition to this, Ms Ballim has managed water conservation and water demand management projects and well as projects to develop water resources management plans for dams.

Ms Ballim has returned to more technical work in her current position at IWR Water Resources and is currently managing several water related projects, including the determination of additional afforestation potential and developing operating rules for the Amatole System in the Eastern Cape.



Haden Jacobs

BSc Hons (hydrology)

Haden has a BSc (Hons) in Hydrology from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and is currently completing a MSc in Hydrology and water quality modeling from Rhodes University, South Africa. He has 2.5 years’ experience in setting up water quality monitoring programs, water quality laboratory analysis and water quality modeling.  He has experience with flood assessments and yield modeling.

He has two years research experience at Rhodes University and currently with IWR Water Resources working as a hydrologist.









Josphine N. Zezai

Finance and Admin Officer.

Ms Josphine N. Zezai joined IWR Water Resources as a Finance and Administrative Officer in September 2014.  She holds a Diploma in Accounting from Institute of Commercial Management (UK) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Midlands State University (Zimbabwe).  Ms. J. N. Zezai has ten years’ work experience in Finance and Administration.  Her major experience is in NGO sector where the majority of her professional career had been spent on Office Management and Project Management.

From her past experience, Ms. J. N. Zezai brought in her knowledge in Office Management, Report Writing and Management of Project Grants above all financial management knowledge.